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 Services Offered

Due to COVID-19 limitations, services are only available via telehealth, which is face to face video conferencing. Clients are expected to pay the standard fee of $125.00 per 45-50 minute session. Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made. Due to sessions being provided via telahealth, I am only accepting credit cards, debit cards, or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) at this time. Please notify me if any problems arise during the course of therapy regarding your ability to make timely payments. While I do not accept health insurance, upon request I will provide a superbill for you to file claims for my services as an out of network provider. Please note that not all issues/conditions/problems, which are dealt with in psychotherapy, are reimbursed by insurance companies. It is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your coverage.

There maybe additional fees for outside services and materials that we use in our appointments, but I will be upfront about those costs when we decide on your counseling goals. You will not be surprised by any hidden costs.

I also seek to keep your investment costs low by keeping your number of appointments to a minimum. While each individual's counseling needs are unique in content and length, I make it a point to meet for about 8 sessions, which allows time for progress, and then check in with you to evaluate and see how we are doing with reaching your counseling goals.

** Please note, I am not accepting children clients at this time. I feel that therapy with children is best done in person and due to COVID-19 limitations, that is not possible at this time. **

I specialize in Play Doh! I have extensive training in play therapy and art based interventions which I use along with more traditional cognitive and trauma based therapy to address issues your child may be experiencing. Having little ones can be challenging at times, and I can help you increase skills you can use when interacting with your child. I'm certified in Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP) and I have training in Parent Child Interactional Therapy (PCIT), so I'm able to apply the principles to our sessions together with your child. I am also able to provide screenings for developmental issues as part of the therapy process.

Individual Therapy - Adults

I specialize in addressing depression and anxiety in adults. I provide a supportive and caring environment to assist you with working through what you may be experiencing that is causing you distress. I use evidenced based treatment models to help you achieve the healing you deserve.


I believe that everyone should have have a 'good fit' with their therapist, which is why I am not accepting clients addressing anger management concerns, hallucinations or delusions, or seeking couples therapy. Every therapist has their own area of expertise, so if you are currently experiencing anxiety and/or depressive symptoms, we should be a good therapist/client match. 

Individual Therapy - Psychology Masters/Doctoral    Students

I can assist you with addressing countertransference issues that may come up in therapy with your own clients so that you have had a chance to process them in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment beforehand. We all have our ‘junk’, so I believe it’s important to learn how to manage it before seeing clients whose issues can be triggering due to our own past experiences. Like you, I was also required to participate in therapy as part of my own program, and the experience was very helpful in these areas. Along with my private practice I am also a Clinical Supervisor, so I understand very well the demands students have when transitioning after graduation. Give me a call and let’s work together to make the most out of your student therapy hours.


Please email me for special pricing for student therapy hours. Please provide the name of your school, program, and advisor in the email.

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